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Dopolavoro Dining Room: “haute cuisine and dreamy location”

Dopolavoro Dining Room

The Resort

I had the immense pleasure of being a guest at the Dopolavoro Dining Room, the signature fine dining restaurant of the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa, a 5-star hotel completely refurbished by architect Matteo Thun in 2015. The sumptuous resort, surrounded by wide and lush green gardens, is settled on its own private island in Venice, Isola delle Rose, the youngest of the Venetian islands, founded in 1870.

Jw Marriot Venice Resort e SPA
Jw Marriot Venice Resort
My visit is taken care of truly excellent. As soon as I arrived at Piazzale Roma, a water taxi was waiting for me. I spend about twenty minutes watching the lagoon covered by a thick cloak of dense fog and then everything changes. I raise my eyes and lose myself in the breathtaking view, Isola delle Rose, a unique naturalistic and architectural heritage in Venice. To wait for me there is Simone Celeghin, who kindly made me feel a princess immediately.

The gardens

The afternoon was bound to start with the visit to the gardens. In fact, the location of the island, halfway between the lagoon and the sea, has provided a special microclimate that has created a plant heritage, unique throughout Venice. Before the aperitif, however, I could not miss the visit to the SPA with lagoon view, the villas, the deconsecrated church and finally the olive trees, from which the Resort extracts the first and only olive oil of the city.
Olive oil produced at the JW Marriot
Olive oil produced at the JW Marriot

At the Rose Lounge Bar, the barman knows exactly what he does and delights me with a negroni. Before dinner I get lost in the hotel, magnificent. Great relief has been given to local craftsmanship and the pastel-colored furnishings make the rooms warm and elegant.

Dopolavoro Dining Room

It is getting very close to time for dinner time, and I am very curious. I do not know anything about the menu because, once again … “we think about it,” said Simone. I look forward to starting my experience and enjoying the chef’s dishes. I like the idea of a kitchen that is based on two simple principles: valorisation of local products (drawing directly from the garden just located behind the restaurant) and rediscovering the recipes of the Venetian tradition. Perfect marriage I would say.
Federico Bellucco and his vegetable garden
Giancarlo Perbellini has been chosen to run the Dopolavoro dining room, who chose Federico Belluco as chef de cuisine, already beside him at Casa Perbellini. The mission of the whole team is to become a landmark of the Venetian restaurant scene, for the foreign and Italian customers.

And finally here we are. After leaving the hotel, we reach the restaurant with a golf car. To welcome me, surrounded by vineyards, meadows, palm trees and olive trees, an original structure of a building born in 1936.

The dinner

Before I sit at the table, I have an aperitif at the counter, located right at the entrance of the restaurant. For every little creation, Simone, who is also the head sommelier, invites me to taste “two Italian sparkling wines”, he points out playfully. Selected ingredients and matching combinations follow the rhythm of the season and the creativity of the Chef. It was impossible not to taste everything, although aware of the imminent dinner.

They get me seated at the table and it was impossible to ignore the elegance of the dining romm. Interiors with sophisticated and contemporary design, but mirroring Venetian craftsmanship.

 Interior of the Dopolavoro Dining Room
Dopolavoro Dining Room

My dinner started with the Chef’s welcome and one after another the other dishes soon arrived, all paired with a specially chosen wine for the occasion. I am happy, everything is perfect to delight my palate and stimulate my mind. Sadness pervades me only when I look at the hour. Time seems to move faster when you’re doing something enjoyable

But before coming back to the real world and taking off my princess dress, there is a last thing to do, that is, to know the chef. And I just take a look to understand that his kitchen, so connected to nature and respectful for the tradition, stems from a great personal sensitivity.
With the sommelier Simone Celeghin and the chef Federico Belluco
With the sommelier Simone Celeghin and the chef Federico Belluco

I feel indebted to you for your kindness, you opened the door as if you’ve known me for a long time, I have been delighted and above all you made me feel unique.

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