Costardi Bros: “love for Friuli Venezia Giulia”

After ten years, Tarvisio is like a second home

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Ein Prosit Tarvisio

On the occasion of the Ein Prosit Tarvisio 2017 food and wine event, I had the pleasure of interviewing Costardi Bros, Christian and Manuel. The two chefs of the Michelin-starred restaurant “Christian & Manuel” of Vercelli, have been participating for many years in the event, proposing their innovative cuisine but at the same time solidly rooted in the territory.

Costardi Bros
Costardi Bros
I meet them in the beautiful rooms of Casa Oberrichter, right in the heart of Malborghetto, knowing that right here the two starred brothers feel a bit ‘like home. “We find ourselves at Casa Oberrichter after almost ten years – Christian tells me – because in 2008 we made our first intervention at Ein Prosit, which was mainly carried out inside Casa Oberrichter, and therefore for us today it is like a second home. we come, we are very happy, we have fun “.
One of the rooms of Casa Oberrichter
One of the rooms of Casa Oberrichter

Friuli Venezia Giulia in the heart

From their words I can perceive the deep love they have for Friuli Venezia Giulia: “he made us fall in love with the availability and the way we are treated when we arrive in Tarvisio – Manuel explains to me – and the availability of all the Friulians. Then in particular the wines of Friuli, so… it’s easy enough for me, then we have Massaro, who is our crazy knifemaker”.

My curiosity is very strong and I can not help but ask the two great chefs their favorite dishes of the Friulian tradition. Well Christian answers me the frico, a perfect combination of potatoes, onions and cheese from Carnia. Manuel instead, does not have a typical dish (how could I blame him?). And loves different and more traditional dishes.

The Costardi Bros tell me with great enthusiasm of their experiences in this region and how much they spend time in the Tarvisian mountains: “the beauty of the landscape is unrivaled, in the sense that coming from Vercelli to Tarvisio, you can pass the blanket of fog and you arrive at the spectacle of the natural amphitheater of the mountains that surround you, let’s say that…all the problems pass you in. This is what we envy to the Tarvisians” Christian concludes.

The video interview with Costardi Bros


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