Tacoli-Stringher trail: “discovering Moruzzo and its hills”

The hilly area of Friuli as you have never seen it before

Along the Tacoli-Stringher trailAlong the Tacoli-Stringher trail

Discovering Moruzzo

Today I would like to talk about the “Tacoli-Stringher trail”, also called the Ring of Moruzzo: an easy tourist hiking path that allows you to get in touch with the natural and rural environment of the moraine hills.

Walking is perhaps one of the activities that fills me most with joy and for this reason every weekend I dedicate at least one morning to discover new places in the middle of nature.

The Prealps in the distance
The Prealps in the distance

Last Sunday I decided to get to know this area of ​​Friuli better. I remember that as a child my parents often took me to Moruzzo in the spring, we ate in a typical restaurant and spent the afternoons picking up wild herbs.

The trail in numbers

The “Tacoli-Stringher trail” is particularly recommended during the first spring blooms and is about 17.2 km long. It will take you five hours to cover it and it will be very difficult to get lost because it is well marked, both with tables and blue dots. Too long? No fear! The less trained can choose the variant that halves the route.

Moreover, on the website you can find all the information you need!

The “Tacoli-Stringher trail”

The route starts from the wonderful square of Santa Margherita del Gruagno, a hamlet of Moruzzo, where you can leave your car. You exit the square following the road from which you arrived and at the intersection you take the second road on the right towards the cemetery. Continuing along the asphalt road you pass the cemetery and the locality Telezae.

At this point, do not laugh, I think I was wrong because instead of following the directions written on the site mentioned above, I continued along the way. At the end, I first took an uphill road and then immediately turned left directly into the woods.

In any case, after about ten minutes I reached the lawn at Poggio Stringher indicated on the site.

The big oak
The big oak

However, as soon as I got to the big oak instead of turning left, I obviously turned right. For those who know me it’s not a surprise! But for those who do not know anything about me, well, behold, I do not know how to explain it, but when I’m in the middle of nature, I let myself be carried away.

The meadows along the Tacoli-Stringher trail
The meadows along the Tacoli-Stringher trail

Fortunately, after a long walk I found the right path and I could admire the wonderful view of the moraine hills.

During the “Tacoli-Stringher trail” you can see the castle of Villalta, Villa Manin, the walls of the castle of Brazzà and obviously so much green.

The Castle of Villalta
The Castle of Villalta

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